As a parent and teacher, this task of raising Godly kids has at times seemed daunting. Couple our busy lives with kids endless questions and also the difficulty of catching their attention long enough to really talk to them and yes, you get what I mean. No wonder we turn to videos, games and other ways of entertaining and teaching our children. I admit I like technology. I love the Bible Ap for kids and some of the other video oriented curriculums out there, but what about those times as a mom, grandma or teacher that I just want to talk with my kids? What about having the time to get face to face with a child? What about telling your own faith experiences? Have you ever wished that just for a second, you could turn back the clock, go back to a simpler time and just build relationships with the kids in your life/class? That’s what Kid’s Faith Steps is all about. It’s about kids learning by doing. It’s hands on and allows you time to get down and interact with the kids. It’s about having guided conversations and being open to teachable moments. It’s about learning together about a God who loves us more than we can imagine.

Kid’s Faith Steps seeks to help parents and teachers encourage children, especially young children, in those first steps of faith. I want kids to know that they were wonderfully made, that they are immensely loved and that Jesus wants to be their friend.

Want to know more? Contact me at: debbie@kidsfaithsteps.com add another page.

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