# 3 Roman’s Blog – Beyond God’s Grace

This is my third Roman’s blog. I am taking a college course and will be posting a series of blogs on Romans as part of a class assignment. I would appreciate feedback on these blogs. The Roman blogs will be quite different than my usual blogs and I seem to be moving slow. I am still on the first chapter.

Romans 1:14-17

“Like other Jews of his day, Paul – before his conversion – tried to merit God’s approval and establish his righteousness by strictly observing the Law… After his conversion, however, he looked to Jesus Christ as the source of his righteousness…” (Romans: Justification by Faith; pg. 18; Third Edition 2010)

Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes… 17 For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed – a righteousness that is by faith from first to the last, just as it is written: ‘The righteous will live by faith.'”

After his conversion, Paul was eager to preach the good news of the gospel. In fact, he feels obligated to share the good news with all – Greeks, non-Greeks, wise and foolish.No one is outside of God’s reach. Have you ever looked at someone and thought that it would take more than a miracle to reach him or her with the gospel? Even though we know in our heads that God can indeed reach the unreachable, our hearts sometimes tell us that a certain person is too far-gone, not worth the effort, too much work to reach. We know that’s not true and we wouldn’t ever really even allow ourselves to say that, yet we act like it. We are more than happy to work at reaching the ones who show up at church, the ones who have like interests or who have somehow expressed an interest, but what about the ones down the street from us who are holed up in their drug house where the yard is unkempt and the windows broken? Are they a lost cause? Too strung out to even listen? Maybe, but have I tried?

Like Paul, I want to be ready to preach or speak forth the gospel to all. Or perhaps I need to live out the gospel to all. Paul was not ashamed of the gospel. What am I obligated to do? Like Paul, I want to be obligated to share the gospel of God’s amazing love. He loved so much that He gave His only Son. Can I do any less than to share that amazing grace and love with others? 

Lord, I don’t want to be ashamed either. I want your message and your power to burn within me. I want to take your message of hope and salvation to others so they too can believe. Thank you that our righteousness and our salvation is not dependent on what we do or who we are. Rather we have righteousness when we put our faith and hope in your Son, Jesus. So many try hard to be good enough, but we will never become good enough through what we do. Help me to fully grasp that truth and then to share that truth with those who so desperately need to know that you love them. I also pray especially for those who might seem to us or to themselves to be beyond the reach of the gospel; those who are bound by addictions, depression, hopelessness. I pray for those who think that they can never gain right standing with you. I pray for those suffering from poverty of mind, soul, spirit or even pocketbook. May they know that you are just a whisper away. May they realize that if they but reach up to grasp you, you are already reaching down to grasp them. You are there to redeem us in the middle of our messes. Your life is there for us if we simply reach out in faith and believe. Lord, I believe there is life in each step of faith we take. Help us to keep stepping out in faith and trusting you with all our hearts. Thank you for all you have given us. Amen.

* I am deeply loved by Him.
* Never give up on others, God is able to reach lost family, friends, anyone.
* Don’t be ashamed of the gospel, but be eager to share the good news with others.
*Live by faith – Faith in God, Faith in Jesus, Faith in God’s plan for you. Faith is the only way to true life!