Let’s Share Jesus

Peter Tells About Jesus –Acts 2:14-40 

PHOTO CAPTION: Sharing can be as simple as sharing a song with a group of preschoolers – Yes, virtually!

Sharing my faith is something that never seems to come naturally to me and yet maybe it does. I used to fret about it and pray about it wondering what was wrong with me anyway since other people seemed to have no problem sharing their faith in Jesus. I once heard a pastor say that he rarely missed an opportunity to share his faith. He was even able to start up a conversation on an airplane and turn the conversation into a conversation about Jesus – often he led people in a sinner’s prayer at the end of the conversations he had.

That just isn’t me! Then I realized that sharing Jesus is not about making opportunities; rather it’s about asking God to help me see the opportunities that He gives me. I also realized that sharing Jesus is different for each person. God doesn’t expect me to share in the same way that someone more outgoing or gregarious would share. He gives me opportunities to shine in the way He created me to shine.

When I let go of what I thought I had to do and started asking God to help me be more open to what He wanted to do, sharing became easier. Now I offer prayers for people going through tough times, I pray on facebook, over the phone or when we were still able to go out socially, even at the store or gym. I share encouragement, invite others to church with me and when someone asks me why I go to church, why I believe, I tell them.

I’m still learning and growing in the process. Like Peter, I need the Holy Spirit to give me the boldness to share. But when Jesus is shared, amazing things happen. When Peter shared, many came to believe in Jesus. When we share, lives are changed. Maybe we’ll never see 3000 come to Jesus all at once, but we can know the joy of introducing a friend to Jesus and that friend can introduce her friend and they can introduce another friend and soon it’s catching. The contagious joy of sharing Jesus never stops! Ask the Holy Spirit for boldness and opportunities this week and see what happens. Let’s share Jesus!

My Prayer

Father God,
So many people right now feel hopeless, worried and afraid; wondering when this crisis will end. Our world, as we knew it, has changed and I’m not sure it will ever be the same again. But I have hope. I have hope because of your, Jesus. Show me ways to share that hope with others. How can I share Jesus? Can I pray with or encourage a friend? Can I e-mail someone? Perhaps even this blog will encourage someone. Give me opportunities to share your love because you shared so freely with me. Show us ways that even our kids, grandkids or kids in our ministries can be involved in sharing good news also.Thank you for creating us in unique ways to do good things. I know you have plan and purpose for each one of us. You are an amazing God. Thank you for sharing your love with me and my family. Amen


  • I try to remember to start the day by asking God to help me be open to opportunities that He brings my way that day.
  • As I go through my day, I pray for the people I meet.
  • When someone does tell me about a difficult situation they are going through, I try to listen and feel with them. Then I summon my courage and ask if it would be okay if I pray for them. Most people are happy that I even asked.
  • I look for opportunities to serve others. Sharing Jesus is not just about telling, it’s also about loving others and when we love, they notice. They want to know why and it gives me opportunities to tell them about my friend, Jesus.
  • Sometimes I simply share my story of what God has done for me or of prayers that have been answered.
  • I remembered a friend that I was always going to invite to church when I wasn’t so busy – guess what I invited them to watch my church’s online service with me and they did! It a totally non-threatening way to invite someone to attend. Now I’m praying that I will have another opportunity to talk to them more about Jesus.

    WHO CAN WE SHARE WITH (For Families)
  • Our families. This quarantine which has us all at home, means that we are surrounded by our family 24-7. Perhaps you are getting a little stir-crazy right now! Remember though, when you were working, going everywhere, taking kids to school , sports, etc. – You didn’t have much time to really share together with your family. Now you do – Read a Bible story together.
  • Prayer together. Talk about what God has done. You have the time!
  • Our neighbors – across the fence or across the road – just maintain social distancing.
  • A friend by phone call, facebook, e-mail or snail mail. An encouraging note of call will go along ways towards opening the door for you to share Jesus.


One day after Jesus returned to heaven in the clouds, (Raise arms up as high as you can.) Peter talked to a whole bunch of people. He told them all about his friend, Jesus. He told them that Jesus had died, but He was alive again. He said that Jesus is always with us and He would forgive them and be their friend forever if they asked Him to.

Peter was happy (Show happy face.) to tell about his friend, Jesus. Many people asked Jesus to be their friend forever because Peter shared the good news about Jesus.

Jesus loves you and wants to be your friend too. Because He is alive, He hears you (Put hand by ear.) when you talk to Him, He will help you everyday and He gives you good news to share with your friends. Let’s tell our friends that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend. I’m so happy that Jesus is our friend.

Dear Jesus,
I’m glad that you are alive and that you are my friend. I want my friends to know that you love them too. Amen

MEMORIZE: Matt. 28:6 NIrV – (Hold hands open as though holding a book.)
He (Jesus) is – (Point up.)
Not here – (Make tomb with fist.)
He has risen – (Jump up and raise hands.)
Just as He said – (Hands by mouth.

KNOW: Peter tells a crowd about Jesus.
TALK ABOUT: Jesus is alive and I can tell others.
ASK: Who loves you? Jesus loves me.
AND DO: I can tell others about my friend, Jesus.


  • Talk about what Jesus has done for you and then remember to say, “Thank you!” to God.
  • Keep a running list of things that you can thank God for this week. See how long it is by the end of the week. Let your preschooler add pictures to the list.
  • Answer this question as a family, “What’s amazing about your friend, Jesus?” Tell someone why Jesus is amazing.
  • When something good happens, encourage your preschooler to share the news with a friend. EX: “I prayed and God helped me find my favorite stuffed animal.”

Author: faithstepsandmore

I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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