Thank God For Families

A happy family photo from a few years back.

Families are God’s way of surrounding us with people who care for us, but let’s face it, families are far from perfect. Now I think my family is pretty amazing, but I know we’ve had some ups and downs in our lives as I’m sure most families have had. Yet, what I have come to realize is that there is strength in sticking together when hard times come and there is even greater strength when you stick together and trust God in the middle of whatever messes you are facing.

I don’t know what your family looks like. Maybe you have a large family or a small family. Maybe you have mostly girls or mostly boys in your family. Are you from an adoptive family, blended family or multi-cultural family? My extended family is multi-cultural as two of my nieces married men from other countries, yet I love my BIG multi-cultural family and have found that through all the ups and downs, I have come to appreciate each one of them more.

Perhaps you are thinking, I wish that were my family right now. My family isn’t getting along very well and I hardly ever see them. Or maybe because of Covid and health and safety issues, you are isolated from your family right now. We were isolated from family for just a little while last year during Covid and believe me, I didn’t like it much. Zoom and FaceTime just isn’t the same as getting a real hug, but I have found that I also belong to another family, the family of God. When things are not going well, for whatever reason, I can go to my “daddy”, my “abba”; Father God. You see He is always there. He is never estranged from us. He never divorces us or turns His back on us. His loving kindness is forever. He was there when my husband had a seizure 3 1/2 years ago. He was there when my mom was in the hospital last January. He was there during Covid quarantine, when my husband lost a good chunk of his business and He was there during a difficult summer when my brother and some other family members passed away. Because of Him, I found I could still have a song in my heart and hope in my soul. I know He will be there for you too.

Am I thankful for my family? Yes, I am! I am tremendously thankful for my family. My family was there for me too. They called me and as soon as we could, we started connecting face to face again.

I wonder about Moses’ family. It must have been incredibly hard to keep  your baby silent, always wondering if today would be the day when someone knocks on your door to ask if you have a baby boy at your house. But God gave them strength and I believe He gave them wisdom as they worked together to care for Moses. I mean really, that basket idea had to be God’s idea! Who would have ever thought of floating your baby in basket in the river? God was with them, He helped them care for their baby and ultimately, many years later, He freed the Israelites from slavery through Moses. God is a good, loving Father.

Regardless of what your experience was when you growing up; please know God loves you and He cares for you like a loving father. He will never disappoint or abandon you. So if you’re going through tough times in your family, look up. Ask your Father God for help and trust Him. He is with you! Thank God for your family too. I believe God works out His plan even through messed- up families and face it, all of us are a little messed-up sometimes. Maybe what your family needs is a little extra love and grace. I’m praying the best for you. Thank God for families and thank God, He is our loving Father. 

Father God,
I think everyone should be thankful for their families. I believe that family is your idea and yet I realize that many come from less-than-ideal situations. Many have dysfunctional families and some don’t even know where their family is right now. You have blessed me with a loving family. Thank you so much. No, we aren’t perfect, but we do stick together. We do help each other and we do enjoy each other’s company. I so wish this were true for every family. I do pray, Lord, that you would restore families. Restore them so that they can live as a family the way you created families to be. Teach us to depend on you and look to you to help us love and care for our families. In every difficult situation, may we remember to look to you in prayer and see what you can do. I know you are amazing. I believe you for miracles in our families. Thank you for my family. Please guide them and help each one to look to you with all their hearts always and forever. Amen

What Can You Do With Your Child This Week?

SHARE A STORY: Thankful For Family – Exodus 2:1-8
Once there was a special family with a mom, dad, a big sister and a big brother. This family also had a baby boy, named Moses. They loved their baby and took very good care of him. They fed and rocked him. They wrapped him in warm blankets and they held him close when he cried.

In the land where this family lived, there was a mean king or Pharaoh. He wanted to get rid of the Hebrew baby boys. Moses’ family was scared. (Look scared.) They didn’t want anything to happen to their baby. They tried very hard to keep their baby quiet. (Say, “Sh!)

One day Moses’ mom had a plan. She made a basket boat. She carefully placed Baby Moses in the little basket. Then she took the basket down to the river and put it in the water to float. She asked Moses’ big sister Miriam to watch the baby as he floated in the water. Miriam was brave. She hid in the tall grass (Crouch down like you are hiding.) and carefully watched (Hands by eyes.) to see what would happen.

Guess what? God loved and cared for baby Moses too. He had a special plan for him. When the king’s daughter came down to the river, she found the basket floating in the water and she heard the baby crying. She wanted to help him. She said, “Oh look, this baby needs someone to care for him.”

When big sister Miriam heard this, she ran to the princess, “Would you like me to find someone to take care of the baby for you?” she asked. Then she ran to get her mom. Moses’ mom was very happy (Smile.) to be able to take care of her baby. Moses’ family loved him and God helped them know what to do to take good care of Moses. Later Moses went to live in the palace with the Pharaoh and his daughter.

God loved and cared for baby Moses and God loves and cares for you too. You can be brave and help your family just like Moses’ family did because God loves and cares for you. You can thank God for your family too, ’Thank you, God, for loving me and my family. Amen’

MEMORIZE TOGETHER: Psalm. 59:17 ERV – (Hold hands open as though holding a book.)
You are – (Clap hands.)
The God – (Point upwards.)
Who loves me – (Give self a hug.)

Dear God,
Thank you for loving me and giving me a family to care for me. Thank you for my family.I love my family and I love you, God. Amen

LEARN TOGETHER: God cared for Moses. God cares for me.
TALK ABOUT: How our families care for us.
ASK: Who loves you? God loves me.
AND DO: I can thank God for my family.

* Look back at pictures of your child when he/she was a baby.

* Find some items that sink or float for your child to play with in the bathtub. Talk about how Moses’ mom made him a basket boat so he could float on the river. 

Author: faithstepsandmore

I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

2 thoughts on “Thank God For Families”

  1. Thank you for what you do. Children are so blessed to have you as a mentor in their lives. To love and follow Christ.


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