Facing Your Giants

I faced my giant and published my book, God’s book really. He is the one who inspired me to write it.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “You’ve got to be kidding. There is absolutely no way I’m doing that or ever could do that! “ I know I have on more than one occasion. It may be with very good reason that we speak those words. At times, it can even be wisdom to speak those words. One such incident for me is at the fair. I will not, nor do I even desire to go on those bungee jump rides. It may be perfectly safe and thrilling, but I really think it would make me sick and mess up my equilibrium. I think for me, it’s a wise decision to say, “No!” But what about when our no’s, our lack of courage keeps us from doing something that is good? What about those times when you feel the nudge from God and your response is negative. I can imagine myself saying, “Really God? Are you sure that you want me to do this? Are you sure I’m the right person? You want me to do what? You’ve got to be kidding God!” Yes, God loves to take us out of our comfort zone. Are you ready to adventure with Him?

One such incident that I had was last year in early 2021. We had made it through the Covid year though we weren’t out of the woods yet, but people were starting to try to get back to life as normal as possible. We were at least learning to deal with the new “social norm” so to speak, when I felt like God was nudging me to write a book. This was not a totally new thought to me. I had thought of writing before, always thinking, “Someday I’m going to do this. When life gets back to normal, when I have extra finances, when I finish repairs on my house, when ….” It was something I had though about my whole life and yet never done. It never seemed to be the right time. I had put it off until my kids were grown, until my husband completed his education, until we paid off bills, until … and I had never acted on that thought. It was my “giant” that just seemed a little too BIG to face. But this time God wouldn’t let me forget it although there were many reasons why it was probably not the right time to do so. In faith, I finally said, “Ok God, I will, but you are going to have to help me!

I would like to say that it was smooth sailing after that, but it wasn’t. I had to write and edit and find an illustrator, then figure out how to publish or who to get to publish for me. There were times I wanted to give up. I did ask myself, “Why are you doing this? Is it worth it? Shouldn’t you just retire? Will the book even connect with the younger technology-driven kids? Am I relevant?” To which God replied, “If I ask you to do it, it’s relevant!” As you can see from the picture above, I faced my giant with prayer and trepidation, depending on God to help me and I now have a book published. (You can find it on Amazon if you are interested.)

The story is not finished yet. I am still facing giants. Giants that this sixty-something year old lady is not accustomed to facing. How do I use social media to get the word out? How do I promote my book and get readers? How do I manage all of the marketing stuff and still have time for the other things in life such as the curriculum writing I do, my piano students and most of all my family? Lord, where are you taking me with all of this? And I still question which is better – to write a positive message for kids or to love the people in my circle? No, it doesn’t have to be one or the other, yet I do often feel the tug of balancing both. Yes, I do feel overwhelmed and excited too. Saying yes to God and facing your giants is never boring!

How can I continue to face my giants? Only by seeking God and His direction, only by depending on Him daily. You see I’m not very strong or big, physically or in any other way. I am barely five foot tall. I certainly am not giant-slayer material, but my God is. As I continue to depend on Him, I know He will give me the strength to keep going, to navigate the social media/technology maze and face my giants, one step at a time. Thank you God that I can depend on you.

What giants are you facing? Is it financial problems or health issues? Maybe you are having trouble loving someone that God has placed in your life or getting along with your boss? Could it be heartache over a son or daughter who you haven’t spoken to for a very long time or maybe just learning a new skill? Whatever you are facing, God knows, He sees and He can help you. Depend on Him and face your giant.

Thank you that I can depend on you everyday. You are always there. Whenever I have cried out to you, you have been there for me. I know I can’t face the giants in my life alone. In fact, if it were up to me, I would try to avoid them, hide from them or run away. I have done those very things in the past, but I don’t want to do that any more. Like David, I want to face my giants with courage because I know you are strong and able. I also want to be courageous in standing up for you and for the faith that I have in you. Like David, I want to come against my giants in your mighty name. Like David, I want the whole world to know that there is a God not only in Israel, but here where I live. David knew that the battle belonged to you and you alone. Remind me of that when I’m facing my giants or when my kids are facing giants. Help them to stand tall and strong, depending on you whenever they’re faced with bullies, situations that loom large, frustrations or anything that would try to rob them of courage. I am so thankful that I don’t have to depend on my own strength or size or anything else except you. Oh that I would trust you more. Thank you God, for giving me courage to stand. I am depending on your mighty power. Amen

Here are some things that I have found helpful when facing my giants.

  • REFLECT – Remember God’s past faithfulness. Remind your kids of times God has helped your family.
  • RENEW – Spend time praying and meditating on God’s Word. Yes your kids can spend time reading or listening to Bible stories too and pray with them. They never grow too old for you to pray for them and with them.
  • RELATE – Develop some relationships with courage-filled, faith-filled people. Encourage your kids friendships with faith-filled people too.
  • REFOCUS – What gifts and abilities do you have to face your Goliath? A sling and a stone are all it takes especially when you know who is guiding that stone to its target.
  • RUN TOWARDS THE PROBLEM – Don’t hide from your “giant”, run from it or try to ignore it. Confront it head-on. Dare to do something different and run towards that problem as God enables you to do so.
  • Kids an also face their problems. This doesn’t meant that they necessarily confront a bully or try to bully back, but they can stand strong by showing confidence in scary situations, asking a reliable adult for help and using their words or yelling for help if needed. Of course, prayer is appropriate in any scary situation at any age.

Kid Section

SHARE A STORY: Facing A Giant – 1 Samuel 17
Israel was at war. David’s brothers were in the army, but David was at home caring for the sheep. One day, David’s dad said, “Take some grain, bread and cheese and see how your brothers are doing.” Early the next day, David left to check on his brothers. (Walk, walk, walk!) When David got there, he ran out to greet them. (Give ‘high fives’.)

As he was talking with them, Goliath, the giant, stepped out and shouted, Who’s going to fight me?” The whole Israelite army was afraid (Make scared face.) of BIG, strong, tall Goliath. (Show muscles.)

But David was brave! He said, “Who is this giant making fun of God’s army? I’ll fight him.”

King Saul said, “David, you can’t fight him, you are only a boy.”

David told the king how God helped him protect his sheep from a lion and a bear, “I know God will help me fight Goliath too.” Then King Saul gave David his armor to wear, but Saul’s armor was way too big for David. What will David do? He can’t fight Goliath with King Saul’s armor. David said, “This armor is too big for me. I will take my shepherd’s staff, and my sling.” David chose five smooth stones (Count to five.) and went out to meet the giant Goliath.

When Goliath saw David, he laughed. (Say together, “Ha! Ha! Ha!“) Goliath said, “Am I a dog? You sent a boy out to fight me? Ha! Ha! Ha!“

Was David afraid? Maybe a little, after all, Goliath was very BIG! (Reach up high.) But David was very brave too, because he knew he could depend on God. He knew God would help him. David said, “You come with a spear and a sword, but I come against you in the name of the Lord.” Goliath moved closer and David ran towards him. He put a stone in his sling and slung it at Goliath. The giant Goliath came crashing down! David defeated Goliath with just a sling and a stone because God was with him. He depended on God to make him strong. God is with you too. He loves you. He will be with you when you are afraid or have something hard to do. Just ask Him to help you.

MEMORIZE: Eph. 6:10 NIrV – (Hold hands like holding a book.)
Let the Lord – (Point upwards.)
Make you strong – (Show muscles.)
Depend on – (Clap hands.)His (God’s) – (Point upwards.)Mighty power – (Show muscles.)

Dear God,
Thank you that you love and care for me. You are with me when I am afraid. You are with me all the time. I love you. Help me to depend on you when I am afraid, when I have hard things to do and all the time. I know you can do anything! Amen

KNOW: God is with me all the time. He will help me when I am afraid.
TALK ABOUT: Who helps me when I am afraid or facing BIG things?
ASK: Who is with you? God is with me.
DO: Depend on God’s mighty power.


  • Cheer your child on when he/she does something new or courageous such as gets his/her face wet in swimming lessons or goes to preschool without tears.
  • Set up a block or Lego® tower. Take turns trying to knock it over with a crumpled paper ball. Talk about how God helped David knock the giant over with just one stone and God can help us do hard or impossible things too.

Author: faithstepsandmore

I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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