Simply Trusting God

Climbing trees takes determination and trust.

Simply trusting! It sounds so easy and yet can be so hard. Why is it that I second guess whether I’ve heard from God or not? Why is it that when things are hard or I have decisions to make, I labor over them and wonder if I am on the right track or if I’ve missed the mark somehow? Do I doubt God’s love and care for me or His ability to let me know the direction to take? No! Yet still I struggle.

When I read the story of Abraham in the Bible, I don’t read that he questioned God. God told him to move and he obeyed. He didn’t know where God was leading him, but he trusted. I imagine it wasn’t easy for him or for Sarah. They were leaving their roots behind, moving from the country where they had always lived. They were moving away from family and friends in obedience to God. They were leaving to pursue a God-given dream. God promised to make Abraham into a great nation and to bless all people through him. That’s a pretty big promise and a big change. Abraham chose to trust and obey. He could have questioned God. He could have argued with God, “Why now God? Are you sure God? But God I’m leaving family and friends behind.” He didn’t. He trusted and obeyed.

I wonder if I’ve missed out on a few adventures and dreams because I didn’t trust God enough to move when He said to move or do what He asked me to do? I do trust God and God has been very patient with me. When I am afraid, He gently leads me and shows me through His Word and in other ways clearly the way He wants me to go, but oh I have procrastinated on following sometimes. Lord, help me to trust you more, to simply trust. There is such beauty in trusting. Trusting means I don’t have to fret over problems or decisions any more. Trusting means I can give it all to God because I know He’s big enough to carry it.

Trusting God is a lifelong pursuit. I believe, at least in my life, that trust is something I need to revisit often, perhaps daily. What helps me to trust God? Reading and listening to His Word. There have been countless times that I have gained insight, wisdom and direction from God’s Word. Another thing that helps me trust God is to remember His faithfulness to me in the past. Prayer, asking God for wisdom and then paying attention to those inner nudgings of the Holy Spirit are all ways I hear from God and learn to trust. I think the inner nudging are the things that you somehow just know are the right thing to do, but may take you our of your comfort zone.Those things that require faith to act on. A nudging is something that you can’t explain away or ignore such as inviting a neighbor to church or stopping in the grocery store to pray for a friend you meet or calling a friend that keeps coming to mind who is going through a hard time. When we act on these things, we are taking steps of faith and trust. Of course it may be something bigger like moving to a new state or giving more generously to something that God is bringing to your heart and mind. As we continue to takes those steps of faith and see how God works in each one, as we experience His faithfulness, our trust grows.

I don’t know where you are at in your journey of trusting God. I know I still have a long way to go, but I’m learning and pursing God more everyday. I’m trusting Him to show me the way and when those doubts come … Well let’s just say, I’m learning to say, “Yes!” to God’s adventure and dreams even when they are a tad too big or scary. It’s so worth it!

Take your doubts and fears to Him in prayer, ask Him to give you wisdom and direction from His Word and simply trust!

Father God,
I do trust you and oh how I want to trust you more. I know that you are trustworthy. I know I can rely on you fully and completely and yet how often I find myself trying to figure out life on my own. I am so stubbornly independent and I try so hard to take care of my problems without asking for help. Forgive me Lord. Remind me to bring to you my cares, concerns and impossible situations daily. Okay, yes, I will bring the little irritations to you too! I know you will help me. You will help me to face life bravely. I trust you Lord with my family, with my job, with my goals, my home, all that I am or hope to be. Forgive me for not bringing everything before you. Help me to take those steps of faith in areas where you are leading me. Remind me to pray about everything. Thank you for your great love and faithfulness. I trust you. I ask that you would also help me to create a safe, secure atmosphere for the kids in my classroom too. May they know they are loved and feel free to contribute to the classroom and care for others. I know that when they do, they will learn that they can also trust you. Amen Oh and by the way God, when you tell me to move or do something, may I be quick to obey, just like Abraham.


  • Make your classroom a safe and secure place. When children feel safe and their needs are met, then they learn to trust which is the first step in their journey of faith.
  • Be consistent and do take time to greet kids and parents. As much as possible, try to have consistent teachers/parents in the classrooms. When children see the same warm, friendly person greeting them each week, they will feel more comfortable.
  • Have clear rules and communicate them often. When children know what is expected of them, they feel safer.
  • Pray with your kids and dare to ask God for BIG answers.
  • Get to know your kids and their families. Interact with the kids, listen and have fun. When you do this, you are nurturing relationships and kids will feel safe and more comfortable with you. They know you care.
  • Encourage positive interactions with other kids in the classroom. When kids form friendships with others and feel safe with other kids, then they know that the classroom is a good place to be.
  • This may include enforcing the rules when another child is being unkind or modeling and reminding the kids of courteous, kind behavior.
  • Ultimately, we hope that kids who are nurtured and feel safe, will also know that it’s safe to trust God and enter into relationship with Him.

Kid’s Section

SHARE A STORY: Abraham Trusts – Genesis 12:1-8
One day God said to Abraham,
“I want you to move to a brand new land.I will show you the way to go, –
(Point out and say, “Go!”)
And bless you because I love you so.” – (Give self a hug.)
So Abraham did what God asked him to do. – (That means he obeyed.)
He took His wife Sarah and his nephew Lot too.
They packed up their things, got ready to go, – (Pretend to pack)
But where were they going? They didn’t know. – (Throw hands out to the sides.)
Abraham trusted God to show him the way, – (Walk in place)
And God did show him each and every day. – (Keep walking.)
God led him safely to a brand new land.
Abraham trusted and followed God’s plan.
Just like Abraham, you can trust God too.
To show you the way and what to do.
God loves you and He’s with you everyday. – (Give self a hug)
He’s always ready to help you when you pray. – (Fold hands to pray)

MEMORIZE: Psalm 31:14 ERV – (Hold hands like holding a book.)
Lord, – (Hold hands outwards)
I trust – (Make fists and pull inwards)
In you – (Point upwards.)
You are my God – (Clap hands.)

Dear God, Thank you for loving me. I’m happy you are with me everyday. I know that you will help me listen and obey. Thank you for the Bible and for my mom and dad. I trust you to show me the way just like you showed Abraham. Amen

KNOW: Abraham trusted and believed God.
TALK ABOUT: Listening and trusting. Trust is knowing that I can love and obey God because He does what He says He will do and He cares for me.
ASK: Who made you? God made me. What can you do? I can trust, listen and obey God.


  • Talk about when your child was born and how special he is. He is God’s handiwork.
  • Play a game by saying, “I’m going on a trip and I’m going to take a __.”  God told Abraham to go on a long trip.
  • Tell your own “God story.” When did you first place your trust in God?

Author: faithstepsandmore

I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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