Wonderfully Made

These cousins are enjoying playing in the sand.

Did you know that you are wonderfully made? Do you really believe it?
Babies like to look in the mirror. They find the little face looking back at them fascinating. “Who is that little person?” they seem to be asking. But as we grow up, we begin to look in the mirror for a very different reason. We look in the mirror to try to get our wayward hair back into some semblance of order. We look in the mirror to put on our make-up or shave. We look in the mirror and spot the blemishes we have. Let’s face it, we become a little – okay maybe a lot, more critical of what we see.

You, yes you, are wonderfully made, an amazing creation, an original, one-of-a kind masterpiece, made by the master artist, God. You are not a mistake or an after thought – at least not in God’s eyes. Whatever you see in the mirror, whatever negative messages others have told you about yourself or your background, don’t believe it, because God knows and God made you with a divine purpose and plan in mind. Yes, He has a plan just for you.

You might be saying, “What about my blemishes and scars? What about those places of hurt? What about that teacher who said I would always be a C student?
What about the dad who didn’t want me or the boss who said I wasn’t worth anything?” It’s okay. Yes, all those things hurt. Words often leave scars deeper than any physical wound we may incur, but God is greater than all of those things. He made you. He knows what has happened to you and He wants to redeem those scars. Those scars can become areas where we can help others who are going through traumatic circumstances too. When we bring our scars to God, He makes them beautiful. So look in the mirror today and say, “I am wonderfully made!” because you are. God has a purpose and a plan just for you!

When you are cruising the internet this week, looking at your favorite social media sites or watching You Tube videos, how about looking up some information on our amazing human body. We are indeed made in an amazing way. Did you know that your eye is your fastest muscle? Or that you have over 100,000 miles of blood vessels? Pretty amazing huh? Your tongue has about 8000 taste buds and human teeth are as strong as shark teeth. These are just a few facts to get you started, but we are indeed amazing! Thank you God for the marvelous way you made each one of us.

I know you made me in a fearful and wonderful way, but I have to admit that I often look at myself through critical eyes and see all the things that I think are less than desirable. I see my blemishes and my faults or I compare myself with others and come up lacking somehow. Most likely those same people are comparing themselves with others too and find that they too are lacking. Yet, when I read what you say from your word, I see that I am wonderfully made, I am made in your image, I am beloved, redeemed, chosen, wanted and that you have a purpose and plan for me. Lord, forgive me when I look at myself so critically or compare myself with others. Teach me to look to you for my value everyday. Redeem my scars and allow me to use those scars to help others who are hurting. Show me ways I can teach the kids in my life that you made them in a special way too. You made them just the way you wanted them to be. You knew what color their eyes were going to be before they were born. You know how many hairs are on their head, whether their hair is curly or straight, whether they would be tall or short. You knew what colors they would like and what gifts or abilities each would have. You didn’t make a mistake when you created them the way you did. I pray that our kids find their esteem – God esteem, and their identity in you and not from what the world may say about them. Teach them to look to you and you alone. In Jesus name, Amen

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Ps. 139:14
You are loved. Ps. 59:17, John 3:16
You are created in His image. Gen. 1:27
You are a child of God. John 1:12.1 John 3:1-2
You are not condemned, but set free -Romans 8:1-2
You are a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17
You are chosen. John 15:16
You are here for a reason.
You have a purpose. Romans 8:28
You are more than a conqueror. Romans 8:37
You are a light to the world. Matthew 5:14
You are God’s handiwork. Ephesians 2:10
We are Christ’s ambassadors. 2 Corinthians 5:20
You can do ALL things through Christ. Phil. 2:13 That means that if we are walking in God’s purposes, He gives us strength to accomplish the task. We can get back up when we are knocked down and keep going.

These verses are just a few to get you started, but try exploring God’s Word on your own to see what He says about you. Then your esteem and identity will be built on what God says and who He is created you to be. And when we walk in God’s plans and purposes, they are good!

Kid’s Section

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SHARE A STORY: God Made Me – Psalm 139
In the beginning when God made the world, He made people. Adam and Eve were the first people that God made. Now there are lots of people in the world. Each person is different and special. God made you and there is no one else exactly like you. You may have brown eyes and dark hair or blue eyes and blonde hair. You may have brown skin or lighter colored skin. Your hair may be curly or straight. Whatever you look like, you are special. You are God’s masterpiece.
One of the psalms in the Bible says that God knows all about us. “He is familiar with all our ways.” That means He knows about everything we do. He knows when we get up in the morning. (Stretch and yawn.) He knows when we go to bed at night. (Pretend to sleep.) He knows when we are playing at school. (Pretend to run.)

Did you know that God even knew about you before you were born? He did. He created you inside and out. He made you amazing and wonderful. That means that God did a very, very good job. (Clap hands and say, “Yeah God!”)

God created you and He gave you your body so that you could run, jump, play eat, talk, think and do everything you would ever want or need to do. God is so amazing and He made you in such an amazing and wonderful way. Let’s thank Him for making us just the way He did.

MEMORIZE: Ps. 139:14 NIrV – (Hold hands like holding a book.)
How you – (Point up.)
Made me – (Point to self)”
Is amazing – (Close fists and open outwards.)
And wonderful – (Raise hands and jump.)

Dear God,
Thank you for making me inside and out and for making me special. You are such a good God. I am very happy that you made me just the way you did. I want to love you with all my heart and use the gifts and abilities that you have given me to help others and honor you. Amen

KNOW: God did a good job when He made you.
TALK ABOUT: What makes your child unique and different? What sets them apart from others?
ASK: Who made you? God made me.What can you do? I can thank God for the way He made me.


  • Look back at your child’s baby pictures. Thank God together for the way He made your child. 

  • Look in a mirror together with your child. Thank God for the unique characteristics you see – the dimple on the chin, the brown or blue or hazel colored eyes, the quirky grin, etc.

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I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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