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This is a simple homemade advent wreath/candle holder that you can make out of clay, a votive candle and birthday candles with your kids. Simply have your kids roll the clay into 3 snake shapes and braid or twist together, bake or air dry, but before you do, insert birthday candles to make holes for the candles to fit into after the wreath is done. Of course, you can’t bake the candles unless you want melted candles.

Have you ever had good news that struck fear in your heart? Then you
can identify with Mary and Joseph. Of course, if I ever saw a real angel, I think I would be trembling and I too would be wondering, “Why is this heavenly being coming to visit me?”

God knew Mary and Joseph would be frightened, so the angel God sent first calmed their fears.“Fear not! Don’t be afraid!” the angel said to Mary and then later to Joseph when he visited him. God is still saying that to us today. “Don’t be afraid. I am with you!” And indeed God is with us. God wanted to be with us so much that He sent His one and only Son to dwell on earth with us, to live among us and to die and rise again that we might live with God forever, but not only forever in heaven, He lives with us now here on earth. He sent His Spirit to be with us and in us every single day. Even though we know that, good news can sometimes still strike fear in our hearts.

Mary was “greatly troubled” when the angel came to her. Yet she received the news with humble acceptance. She was ready to say, ”Yes!” to the assignment that God had given her. She had questions.. She wondered, “How will this be since I am a virgin?” She may have wondered, “Will Joseph still marry me or will I be raising this child alone? Can I do this? How can I care for and raise God’s Son?” Her assignment from God was big, way bigger than she was, yet she trusted. She said, “Yes, God. I am your servant. Be it unto me as you have said.”

Joseph too had fears. Upon hearing the news of Mary’s pregnancy, he didn’t understand. He was afraid to take Mary as his wife until the angel came to him and assured him that Mary’s baby was indeed God’s Son. I’m sure Joseph had other fears too, but the angel said, “Do not be afraid!” Joseph listened. He believed and he pledge himself to Mary and to the baby that God was sending. He too, said, “Yes!” to God, “Yes!” to the good news,

What good news has God said to you recently? Maybe God has spoken to you through a friend, your boss, something you heard at church that struck a chord in your heart or from His Word. Yet the good news He has given you causes you to tremble in fear? You may be asking, “God do you really mean me? Are you sure I’m the one you are calling to carry your Son?”

God says, “Yes, my child. I am calling you. You are on assignment. Yes, I do want you to carry my Son to a hurting world. I want you to share this fearfully good news. Jesus is here! I love you so much that I sent my best gift, Jesus and I am with you. Wherever you go and whatever you do in my name, I will be with you. So don’t be afraid. Go, my child and share this good news.”

No, we are not called to carry Jesus in the same way that Mary was, but I do believe that we are all on assignment. We all have been called to be bearers of good news to a world who desperately needs good news. God asks us to carry His message of grace, the message that He loved us so much He sent Jesus, His only Son to the world. How can you share that fearfully good news? It starts by responding as Mary did, simply say, “Yes!” to what God is asking of you. Your way of sharing Jesus will be different, than the way I share. Your assignment may require a huge step of faith for you, but remember God is with you and He says, “Do not be afraid.” Let’s receive and share that good news. Ask God to fulfill His plan in your life. Walk in faith, not fear, rejoicing for God is here.

Father God,
Thank you for Jesus and thank you for the good news that the angel brought so long ago. I can only imagine how Mary and Joseph must have felt upon receiving the news that they were to participate in the birth of your Son. I know they were uncertain of how this blessed event was going to come to pass. I’m sure they felt fear definitely when they saw the angel, but also I think when they thought of the road that lay ahead of them. They would be misunderstood, perhaps shunned because of the unplanned pregnancy. They were young and inexperienced. How could they be expected to raise God’s Son? It was a heavy responsibility, but they said, “Yes!” and they trusted you. God, I too have been afraid when opportunities came my way to share Jesus with others. I have questioned, “God, do you really want me to write? Do you really want me to pray for that man at Starbucks?” Thank you for your assurance that you are with me and that I do not have to be afraid. Lord, help me simply to be a bearer of your good news wherever I go. Lead and direct my steps. Give me the faith and courage to say, “Yes!” to your assignment. Show me how I can encourage my kids, grandkids and others to also take those steps of faith and say, “Yes!” to you, even when they are afraid. Amen

Everyone is so busy, but slow the pace and simply love others – that includes your family.

  • Remember the reason we are celebrating and make Jesus the main thing.
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  • Smile at the disgruntled shopper in front of you. You do not know what kind of a day he had.
    • Say a prayer for the person who looks overwhelmed, worried or unhappy. Again, you don’t know what they are going through, but God does.
  • Invite a friend to church – let your child invite a friend too.
  • Buy someone’s coffee.
    • Ask God what His assignment is for you. Do you feel a nudge to visit someone who is sick, sing on the worship team at church, volunteer at your neighborhood food bank, go on a short-term missions trip or write a book? Don’t be afraid, if God is giving you that assignment, you can be sure He is with you.
      • Involve your kids. Kids can bake cookies to give to a friend or neighbor, invite a friend over to frost cupcakes and sing, “Happy Birthday” to Jesus or simply help you plan some fun surprises for your own family.
      • Sharing the good news about Jesus may require that we give up our own plans to say, “Yes!” to His plan, but it is so worth it. Because God loves us so much that He gave His very best. He gave His Son, Jesus and that’s fearfully good news. The best news of all!
    • Kid’s Section
  • STORY: The Angels Brings Good News  – Matthew 1:20-24,Luke 1:26-28
    I love the Bible Ap For Kids that you can download on your phone. “The First Christmas” is a good video to watch with your child this time of year.

    One day Mary had a special visitor. God sent an angel to tell her some very good news. (Put hands by mouth and say, “Good news!”) Mary was surprised (Put hands in the air and say, “Oh!”) to see an angel. She was very surprised (Put hands in the air and say, “Oh!”) when she heard the news. (Put hands by mouth and say, “Good news!”) The angel told Mary that she was going to have a very special baby. (Pretend to rock a baby.) Mary’s baby would be God’s only Son, (Put one finger up and say, “God’s one and only Son.”) Jesus. (Say, “His name is Jesus!”) Wow! That is good news! (Put hands by mouth and say, “Good news!”)

    Even though the angel brought good news, Mary was a little afraid. The angel said, “Mary, don’t be afraid. God is very happy with you. You will have a baby boy. (Pretend to rock a baby.) You are to name him Jesus.” (Say, “His name is Jesus!”) After the angel left, Mary sang a song to God. (Sing, “Thank you God!”) She praised Him for the good news (Put hands by mouth and say, “Good news!”) the angel had told her.

    The angel also went to see Joseph while he was sleeping. (Lay head on hands.) The angel told Joseph about Mary’s special baby. (Pretend to rock a baby.) The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. Mary is going to have a very special baby. (Pretend to rock a baby.) The baby will be God’s very own Son.” The angel said to Joseph, “Name the baby Jesus (Say, “His name is Jesus!”) because He will save people from their sins.” Joseph did exactly what the angel told him to do. Mary and Joseph were glad the angel brought them good news. (Put hands by mouth and say, “Good news!”) They were excited to welcome baby Jesus. (Pretend to rock a baby.)

    Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. God loved us so much that He gave us His very best gift, Jesus. Let’s show God’s love to others by helping and sharing God’s good news.

    Dear God, Thank you for Christmas. Thank you for Jesus. Help me to love and welcome Jesus this Christmas. Jesus, I welcome you into my day and into my life. Thank you for loving me. Help me to love my family and others. Help me to share your good news. Amen

    MEMORIZE: John 3:16 NIrV – (Hold hands like holding a book.)
    God so loved – (Reach up and then fold arms and place hands on heart.)
    The world – (Make w’s with fingers and roll hands around each other.)
    That He gave – (Extend outwards as though giving a gift.)
    His one – (Hold up one finger.)
    Only Son – (Pretend to hold a baby.)
  • KNOW: God sent Jesus to the world because He loves me.That is very good news!
  • TALK ABOUT: Good News. The angel brought good news. What good news can I share?
  • ASK: Who loves you? God loves me.
  • AND DO… I welcome Jesus and I can share good news by being happy and helping others.
  • God gave His very best gift, Jesus. Think of some ways that you can share God’s love by giving or helping someone with your preschooler.
  • Listen to Christmas music and thank God for Jesus. 

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I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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