All God Made

PHOTO CAPTION: God, the master painter, colors the sky beautiful!

Have you ever thought of the vastness of all that God made? Just the myriad of animals on this earth are enough to boggle your mind. But of course there’s more! God created approximately 27,000 species of fish and 400,000 species of flowers. I won’t take the time to mention how many types of birds there are or edible types of plant or trees and we’re still talking about what’s on our earth. How many stars are out there in the night sky? How many galaxies? The vastness of space is greater than our finite minds can comprehend. God is amazing! When we consider all that God made simply by speaking, why is it that we find it so hard to trust Him with our everyday problems? If God created lions, zebras and whales simply by speaking, don’t you think He can speak life into that which we need?

When you think about all that God made, don’t forget about you. Yes, you! God made you in an amazing and wonderful way. Did you know that there are 7 octillion atoms making up your body? Crazy huh? Did you know that your nose can remember 50,000 different scents? How many miles of blood vessels do you think you have in your body? (100,000 miles.) Okay, these facts are just a few things to consider when thinking about the way that God made you.

Since God made our amazing world and God made you, take some time this week to enjoy all that He created. Take a hike, plant a some seedling starts indoors, look up at the stars or the clouds in the sky and drink in God’s creation. And if you don’t want to get out in the rain to enjoy God’s creation, then go to your library and check out some books about animals, people around the world or plants. You can watch a nature show or look up a specific animal to learn about online. After your journey of discovery, learning a little bit more about what God created, stop and take a moment to give Him all your worries and cares. Stop to simply thank God for what He’s doing in your life. He is still creating. He is making something beautiful out of your life. He loves you more than your mind can imagine and He knows every joy and problem you face. Thank you God, for your amazing world.

Dear God,
I am in awe of all that you created. The vastness of creation, the myriad of animals, fish, birds, plants that you made are mind boggling. Then to consider how you made the human body. The way that our bodies are made so that everything works together – blood vessels, muscles, heart, lungs and so much more. I don’t even think of these things most of the time, but you did. Thank you for all you made. Thank you for making me just the way you did. I know that you are mindful of me and yet how easy it is to forget when I am in problem solving mode. When I do stop to think about your creation, it reminds me that I am loved and cared for. Remind me to take every single problem I face to you, God because you are still working, creating and making things new. You can make something beautiful out of every mess, every problem that I face. Show me how I can encourage my family to also take their problems to you and give us creative solutions when we need help. God, you are so big and amazing. Thank you for the beautiful world you created. Thank you for eyes to see, ears to hear, feet to walk, arms to love. Help us to appreciate, celebrate and care for what you created. Amen


  • Children are naturally curious. They love learning about the world around them. Here are a few ways to engage their curiosity and learn together.
  • Check out some books about animals to read with your child. (Or plants, people, bugs, anything that interests your child.) Go on a nature walk. If you are allowed to do so, pick up some pine cones, a plant, moss, anything that might look interesting to study a little closer when you get home.
    • Go to a zoo, aquarium or animal habitat of some kind. A pet store is a fun option too.
      • Look up facts about your favorite animal online. You can find out some interesting things about specific animals and even play some sounds of what those animals sound like.

    • There are so many interesting things you can learn about the human body. One way, of course, is to check out some picture books about our bodies.
    • Try to be more aware of various parts of your body. Make one day a listening day and see how many sounds you and your child can hear or just take a moment to be very quiet and listen. Did you hear a car driving by? The clock ticking? The ice maker dropping ice into the bin? A dog barking? Follow your listening up by reading a little bit more about ears. You can do this with all your senses. What do you see? Smell? Taste?
    • When eating a meal, ask your child what he tastes? Is it salty, creamy, sour, sweet? See if he can describe the taste. Can you describe the taste. Thank God for the ability to taste and enjoy your food.
    • When going for a walk, notice the colors that you see? How many colors can you and your child name? Thank God for color and for eyes to see.
    • Read Psalms 139 for a Biblical view of the amazing person you and your child are.
      • Draw around your preschooler and then together talk about the various body parts – head, shoulders, legs, arms, etc. Let your child draw the ears, nose, mouth and eyes. Talk about what each part does.
        • Listen to your child’s heart beat by making a toy stethoscope from a cardboard tube.
          • Using a washable ink pad, let your child make fingerprints on a white sheet of paper. Make your fingerprints too,, then look at ways your fingerprints are different.

Kid’s Section

STORY: Creation Days 5 & 6 – Genesis 1
Our story today is about more things that God made. God made light and dark, (Turn flashlight on and off.) sky and water, (Lightly mist your child with a spray bottle.) the sun, moon, stars and land. What else do you think God created?
Let’s listen and find out.

He made lots and lots of animals. On day five, He made all kinds of fish and sea animals to swim in the water and He made birds to fly in the sky. There are so many different kinds of fish and so many different kinds of birds. God thought of everything! What’s your favorite kind of sea animal or bird? (Peacocks, dolphins, whales, ostriches, etc.)

Then on day six, God made all kinds of animals to live on the land. He made animals that you might see in a zoo. He made animals to be pets. He made farm animals, desert animals, forest animals and jungle animals. What is your favorite animal? (Bears, bunnies, elephants, deer, giraffes, etc.) I like all those animals too. God thought of a lot of different animals when He made the world. We can enjoy the animals God created and we can help take care of them. Do you all help take good care of your pets at home?

Best of all, on day six, God made people. God made the very first man, Adam. Then He made Eve and now He made you! Did you know that you are amazing and wonderful? You are! You are amazing because God made you. God made a beautiful world for you to live in too. Let’s thank God for all the things He made and let’s remember to help take care of the animals, especially our pets.

Dear God,
Thank you for all that you created. I’m glad you were thinking about me when you made the world. Thank you for my dad, mom and other people who take care of me. Thank you also for my pets. Help me to take good care of my pets and of the world you created. Amen

MEMORIZE: Genesis 1:1 NIV – (Hold hands like holding a book.)
In the beginning God – (Reach up.)
Created – (Pound fists together.)
The heavens – (Raise hands and wave arms.)
And the earth – (Make w’s with fingers and roll hands around each other.)

VERSE SONG: To the tune of “Frere Jacque”
In the beginning,
In the beginning,
God created,
God created,
The heavens and the earth,
The heavens and the earth,
Genesis 1:1
Genesis 1:1

KNOW: God made animals and people. He made you!
TALK ABOUT: Animals, pets, YOU!
ASK: Who made the animals? Who made you?
AND DO… I can care for the animals that God made.


  • Involve your child in caring for your family pets. It’s a great way to learn to help and  show kindness. 
  • Think of other ways to care for the world and others such as picking up trash when on a   walk or helping a friend or neighbor by sharing with them.

    VERSE SONG: To the tune of “Frere Jacque”
    In the beginning,
    In the beginning,
    God created,
    God created,
    The heavens and the earth,
    The heavens and the earth,
    Genesis 1:1 
    Genesis 1:1


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I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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