Those BIG Jobs

PHOTO CAPTION: Being a grandparent can be a BIG job requiring both arms, but I love every minute!

Have you ever lacked confidence or had a really BIG job to do and wondered how you were ever going to get it done? Maybe you wondered if you were the right person for the task. Sometimes the tasks on our plate seem enormous, way out of our league or even impossible. Perhaps you feel that way on a daily basis or you could have had one of those weeks where everything seems to be happening at once. Your kids aren’t listening very well and you are wondering, “Where can a mom go to resign?” or you wonder, “How can I make ends meet between paychecks?” or you feel God nudging you to step out and take the lead in ministering to someone and you feel completely unqualified. I know I have had those experiences and I have questioned, “God are you sure you picked the right person for this job?”

I’m not alone in this category of feeling overwhelmed, like the task before me is too BIG. Down through history, God has given people jobs that were a size too BIG for them. Just think about Moses being asked to lead the Israelites out of Egypt or Gideon when God asked him to lead an army and of course Noah, but when God assigns us a BIG job, He also has a BIG plan to get it done. 

Noah had a really BIG job. God asked him to build an Ark, a very, very, large boat! Not only did God ask him to build an Ark, He also asked Noah to load the boat with two of every animal and seven of some animals. Talk about the world’s largest zoo crammed into a small space and well yes, you’ve got an idea of the enormity of Noah’s task and he didn’t have a lot of support from his community either. In fact, they thought he was crazy! If I’d have been Noah, I think I would have questioned the task, “God, did I just hear you say you wanted me to build a BIG boat and take how many animals? Are you sure about that, God?” Noah hadn’t taken any classes in boat building or zoology, but Noah walked and talked to God and Noah listened too. Because Noah fully trusted God, he obeyed seemingly without question. I don’t think he ever had a day when he complained, “God, this job is too BIG, besides, I don’t know anything about boat building.” If he did, it isn’t mentioned in the Bible. Whatever went through Noah’s mind, He trusted God and God came through for him in a BIG way. God gave Noah detailed plans for the Ark. Then God brought the animals to Noah and finally when all were loaded, God shut the door. Noah simply trusted God and obeyed.

Sometimes I think God delights in giving us BIG jobs so that we have to depend on Him. After all when the job is easy, we think we can handle it on our own. So if you are facing a tough assignment this week, talk to God about it. Take one moment at a time and simply do what you know God is asking you to do for that moment. Then let Him take care of the rest. God is faithful. He can open doors and He can shut them. He gives us the ability to do what He asks of us and He performs miracles when the task is impossible for us. 

Loving and caring for others, working hard, showing God’s grace to the world, just simply being a parent – these are BIG jobs! Are you up to the task? God is! 

Dear God,
It’s me again and yes, I need you. I need your help to love others, to organize my “To Do” list and especially to be who you are calling me to be. The task is great – it’s way too BIG for me, but I know you are with me and you will help me as I continue to look to you. Father God, help me to truly know which tasks you are placing before me and which tasks are of my own making or being placed on me by others. I know that I often confuse which is which especially when I am going through a busy time. I forget that while relationships are important, spending time keeping up with a zillion people on social media is probably not important. I forget that while doing a good job and being conscientious at work is important, trying to do everything for everybody is not and in fact, I do need to also set aside time to listen for your voice as I read your Word. Lord, search my heart, sort out my priorities, help me listen and learn from you and then go from that place to love and care for others. Guide my steps today. And for my family, I ask that you would also clarify their priorities. Between school, work responsibilities, family responsibilities and so many other things, peers, video games – all things that vie for their attention, may they first of all seek you. Like Noah, I want them to walk and talk with you each day. Then when they have a BIG job to do, they will be ready because you are with them, guiding them, strengthening them and helping them to be and do the task you have called them to. Teach me too, to seek your face so that my children will see and know that their strength comes from you. Lord, I trust your plan and not my own. Nothing is too BIG or impossible for you. Thank you! Amen 


  • If you feel God is asking you to do something BIG, the first step is to say, “Yes!” I know I have almost turned down a couple of jobs or opportunities because I felt unqualified, but when I said, “Yes!” God helped me and grew me.
  • I’m a list maker. When I feel overwhelmed, I like to sit down and start jotting down what needs done first. The best way I have found to do this for me, is to sit with my paper and pen asking God to order my day and help me know what He wants on my list that day. It really helps me focus on what is really important.
    Interruptions can be a part of God’s plan too, so trust Him when interruptions come.
    • Start somewhere. Don’t procrastinate, just do something.
  • Maybe your “boat building” has taken a backseat to family commitments. How about enlisting your family’s help? Even young children can start learning to help, although you may need to add a little extra time when they are helping.
  • Remember the Ark wasn’t built in a day. If it takes longer than expected to do your BIG job. Don’t give up! Just keep building. By the way, it is estimated that the Ark took between 55-120 years to build. That’s quite a long time, but Noah didn’t give up.
  • Don’t forget, the most important job you will ever do is to love God and love people and loving people starts with our family.
    • To help your child learn to tackle a BIG job, break the job down into smaller tasks.
      • Work together with your child, especially if he is younger, but really at any time. Always be willing to work with something they haven’t done before.
    • Encourage, encourage, encourage! Praise your child when a task is completed.

Kid’s Section

STORY: Boarding The Ark – Genesis 7
Noah loved and obeyed God and God loved Noah. (Give self a hug.) God told Noah to build a Big Ark boat and Noah did. (Pretend to hammer.)

When the Ark was finished, God said, “Noah, it’s time to get into the Ark because soon it’s going to rain. (Pitter, patter!) It’s time to get the animals on board.”

How would Noah get all the animals onto the Ark? That would be a BIG job! But with God’s help, Noah did get all the animals on board. The animals came two by two and walked right into the BIG Ark boat. (Using fingers, pretend to walk animals into the Ark.) God brought the animals to Noah and Noah did exactly what God asked him to do. God helped Noah with his BIG job.Then when everyone was safe in the Ark, God shut the big Ark door. (Clap hands.) Pitter, patter, pitter patter, just as the rain began to pour. (Pat knees.)

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter! It fell harder and harder! The rain fell for a long, long time until the Ark was floating high above the tallest mountains. (Reach up high.) Outside the Ark the world was wet and dreary, but inside, Noah, his family and the animals were safe, dry and cheery. God cared for Noah just like he said he would and God will care for you too, because God is kind and good.

Did Noah do what God asked him to do? Yes, he did! He did everything that God told him to do. He built the Ark. He loaded all the animals. Noah trusted God and God took good care of Noah. Just like Noah you can trust God to take care of you and help you when you have a BIG job to do. God will help you to be brave, care for others and do the BIG jobs He gives you.
Who loves you? God loves me. Who will help you? God will help me.
What can you do? I can care for others because God cares for me.

Dear God,
You helped Noah and the animals just like you said you would. I know you will be with me and help me too even when it’s stormy. Thank you for loving me. Amen

KNOW: God cared for Noah, his family and the animals. God cares for me.
TALK ABOUT: Caring for others.
ASK: Who loves you? God loves me.
AND DO… Be brave and care for others.

*  Play with your pets, care for your pets or play with your child’s toy animals with them.

*  Think of someone who needs some love and care – a sick friend, a grandparent or neighbor and do something to help such as give them a call or take them a treat.

MEMORIZE: Nahum 1:7 ERV – (Hands open like holding a book.)
He (God) – (Point up.)
Cares for – (Rub hand across arm.)
Those who trust -(Hands open, pull into fists.)
In Him – (Point upwards again.)


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I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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