Wahoo! It’s Here

My book is here! You can find it on Amazon and other platforms such as Barnes and Noble and Lulu. Please share my good news with others.
This has been an adventure! I couldn’t have done it without friends, family and especially without God’s strength and encouragement. He is really the inspiration behind this book! To Him be all the glory and honor!

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God Made Me Paperback – March 7, 2022
by Debbie O’Brien (Author), Emily Davis (Illustrator)
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This is a Children’s book based on Psalm 139. It is written in simple rhyming language to help children connect with Psalm 139 in a fun way. The purpose of this book is for children to know that they valued, loved, and wonderfully made by a loving God. Hand motions are included for parents and teachers to do with their children which adds to the interactive nature of the book. It’s an excellent book to use in a church or preschool classroom setting or to enjoy with your child at home.

Thanks for checking it out!