Am I A Superhero Yet?

A superhero in the making!

I remember as a child thinking of what I was going to be when I grew up. I wanted to be so many things – a nurse, teacher, missionary, detective (that was during the Nancy Drew phase of my life), but mostly I wanted my life to count. I wanted to share my friend Jesus with others. I wanted to help others and somehow make a difference.

I did achieve one of those childhood dreams. I’m a teacher and in many ways, I guess as a wife and mother, I’ve fulfilled all those roles at one point or another. Kudos to those moms and dads out there who wear many hats and are still sane – especially during this whole Covid quarantine thing!! You rock!

Since those days of childhood dreams, I’ve asked many kids what they wanted to be when they grow up. The answers are varied, funny, sometimes serious, but always delightful. Many want to be firemen, policemen, princesses or superheroes. They dream of being strong, courageous, confident and in charge of their world. What happens when those dreams grow up? Hopefully other dreams take their place. Hopefully, all of us achieve “superhero status” at some point in our lives – at least in the eyes of someone important to us. 

Are you a superhero yet? It’s not too late to be one. You can learn from the greatest superhero of all, our one and only supernatural, all-powerful God. You see, superhero status is not really about how big, tough or powerful you are; rather it’s about serving the One who is big, strong and powerful. It’s about living out who God created you to be. It’s about loving and serving others. Most of the “superheroes” that I’ve encountered use their superpowers to combat evil, injustice and help others. We can combat evil and injustice by standing up for what is right, serving and helping others regardless of the color of their skin or how different they are from us. We can serve our families, our friends, our communities, churches and as we give, we can serve even around the world. 

Superhero status starts when we give ourselves first to fully loving God and then to loving others. Then God takes what we have given, however small and multiplies it. It starts by being brave enough to get out of our comfort zone and do something when God nudges us. When we step out of our comfort zone, God will empowers us with His supernatural strength.

Am I a superhero yet? Not quite, I’m still working on it. Thankfully I know someone who is and I’m counting on Him everyday. With His help, I know that I can be all that He wants me to be and that’s what I really want. What about you?


* Encourage your kid’s dreams – you may never know which dreams God has placed in their hearts.

* Remind them that they were created for a purpose. They have a mission and a place in this world. All superheroes live with purpose and have a mission to fulfill.

* Let your little superheroes know that they are unique and they are loved beyond measure. God loves them and you love them. God will give them strength to do whatever He asks them to do as they trust Him.

* Encourage them to start now in using their talents and abilities to make a difference in their world.
As busy parents, it can be easy to discourage their ideas to help others, but what if instead, we encouraged their attempts and let them try. One year my granddaughter wanted to help an organization that gives birthday parties for kids who are homeless or whose parent’s can’t celebrate their birthday. She devised a plan to have a pet walk-a-thon. It was a bit of work. I was busy and could have discouraged her attempt, but instead we did it together and she had fun. She didn’t get a lot of donations for her charity, but she did learn and I hope she was encouraged to keep trying to reach out and help others.


* A desire to help others – to make a difference.
* Courage, Conviction and Purpose.
* Faith – in God.
* Integrity – high morals.
* Know how to persevere or work through pain – ability to get up again even when falling down or failing.
* Kindness.
* Motivation and a sense of responsibility.
* Desire for justice.
* Commitment and honesty.

PARENT OR GRANDPARENT PRAYER: Father God, Thank you that I count on you for help and strength everyday. You are a superhero and more. You are my God and my friend. You are strong and powerful, the creator of all things and yet you are gentle and kind extending grace and forgiveness when I least deserve it. Thank you for your amazing love and care. I want my children to know and experience your love, care and amazing greatness too. Be strong and powerful in their lives. Teach them to rely on you and trust you, no matter what is going on in their lives. Whatever occupation my children and now my grandchildren pursue, may they realize that their true identity is not found in a job or occupation, but rather in being who you created them to be. They can be and I know they will be superheroes, when they love and trust you with all their hearts. Guide their steps today and give them strength to face the challenges that come their way with courage, because they know that you are with them every single step of the way. Amen

What Can You Do With Your Child?

SHARE A STORY: God Is Strong – Bible Stories

Let’s look at our Bible and Bible storybooks. Some of the stories in the Bible are about real Bible heroes like David? He fought a giant with just a sling and a stone. Esther was a Bible hero too. She trusted God to help her and became a queen.

Do you remember what Noah did? He built an ark. Abraham trusted God to show him the way when God asked him to move and Gideon’s teeny, tiny army defeated a big army when he trusted God. Wow! These stories are about some real heroes. These people were heroes because they trusted God and God made them strong. I’m glad we have so many stories about Bible heroes we can read and learn from.

The Bible is God’s very special book and it has lots of lots of stories in it. The Bible tells us how much God loves us (Give self a hug.) and it tells us how strong and powerful God is. (Show muscles.) Which story would you like me to read to you? How about this one about Daniel? (Or anyone your child chooses.) It’s one of my favorite stories. That was a very good, story. Daniel was Bible hero because he was brave and kept trusting God even when faced with being thrown into the lion’s den.

We can read more stories later and you can look at the pictures in your Bible any time you want. God loves you so much. (Give yourself a hug.) He is strong and powerful (Show muscles.) and He will always take care of you. God is the biggest and best superhero ever! He can do anything! (Stretch arms out to the sides as far as you can to show big.) It’s important to read stories from God’s special book so that you know how much God loves and cares for you. Remember God is strong! He will take care of you. You can trust Him no matter what. You can be God’s hero when you trust God Him to help you be strong. You can do whatever God wants you to do, because He will be with you.

Dear God,

I’m glad that  you love and care for me. You are BIG and strong and I know that you will protect me just like you helped the heroes from our Bible stories. Help me to remember that I can trust you always. Amen

MEMORIZE: Ps. 31:14 ERV – (Hold hands open as though holding a book.)
Lord, –     (Hold hands outwards)
I trust –     (Pull hands inward while making a fist)In you –     (Point upwards.)
You are my God – (Clap hands.)

TO KNOW: God is stronger than anyone or anything!
TO TALK ABOUT: God, the Bible, Trust
TO ASK: Who loves and cares for you? God loves and cares for me.
AND DO: Be courageous and trust God.


*  Talk about how strong God is. How do we know God is strong? Can God help you be strong? Show your muscles.  

*  Be a superhero – share God’s love with someone else.


Author: faithstepsandmore

I am a mom of three, grandmother of eight and have worked with young children for over thirty years. I currently write curriculum, speak for women's groups, do chapel for a daycare center and help with teacher/volunteer training at churches. I love what I do. There is nothing better than helping kids take those first steps of faith in a God who loves them more than they can imagine.

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